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"the life span of all manners of negativity will never outlive our love. what is bad now, is bad now only. what is good now, is good always. we make that choice."

Emma Watson at JFK airport on April 20th, 2014

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Lo-Fang | You’re the One That I Want (Grease Cover)

#man sth like this would be really good for gone girl

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baby husky and its tennis ball

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Galia Lahav - The Lourdes Collection

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You know? Of course I know. You’re my best mate!

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You wanted smooth sailing and I’ve always been a tsunami.

10 Word Story by c.r.   (via rebelliousnip)
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I have to feel good on the inside to look glamorous.

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Kim Jin Kyung for KYE S/S 2014 Seoul Fashion Week

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